Amleto Monacelli's Biography

Amleto Monacelli was born August 27th of 1961 in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. At a young age was amateur soccer player but he decided to lean towards bowling when, at the age of eight, his father took him to an old bowling alley called "Pin Lara" located on Moran Avenue and three years later his father opened and owned the "Bowling 20", being his property for 37 years being there where his first perfect game was at the age of twelve on the third alley. At eighteen went to study English for one year then he returned to his country and at age 20 was competing in the PBA.


In 1982 he started to play professionally and it took about five years to achieved his first profesional title, had seven second places and thirteen television appearances, where he could not win, the first tournament he won was in Japan on August 14 of 1987, currently he has 49 perfect games in the PBA and 21 in Venezuela, a major story was in Las Vegas playing the final, where he went around to train and went down the wrong street, getting out of the area about eight miles and arrived an hour later to the show, loosing the official warm up and the practice and immediately came to play


The most important title earned, not underestimating the others, was his second title in Las Vegas -Nevada because he beat his lifelong idol Marc Roth. His hobby is sport, his training, his diet. Before he was professional he played The South American of Peru running for third place, did not have much chance to play with the national team because he left immediately. The primary reason why he went to the PBA was because he went to play a non federal partner tournament with his father in Medellin with monetary awards being first and winning $20000.00. After that the federation contact them by phone giving the news that if he wanted to continue playing in federal tournaments should return the award obtained in Medellin.


Bowling´s First Foreign Born Star


If you are someone who gets up early would not have to look far to see the work, ethic and determination of Amleto Monacelli, one of the purest athletes in the history of the PBA in action.


With rain, snow, heat, there was the best shaped of the PBA. Monacelli, prepared for any season, trotting around the hotel area of each tournament or in the hotel´s gym or just looked for a gym around, creating his own space to train.


But it did not end there, that was only part of his regime. Hate a strict diet with proper nutrients and rest required, which made of Amleto a much higher mental state, which helping him to defeat his opponents, in order to remove all the difficulties he had. Every time he lost and could not make his first title as every player dreams, in his mind, the best of hi mis that there were no excuses, he tooked responsibility for his failure.


It was a pleasure to watch on the tennis Amleto, his unique playing style which looks like a giant bird with very broad wings, great power of execution on one side and swung the other.


Something that could be seen from the beginning when this young of 1.72 Mts. high and 70 Kg is that he had in his hands a great talent for bowling and was very evident that he was an extraordinary person, he speaks three languages fluidly, elegantly dressed. He immediately became the crowd favorite. A person who never refused to sign an autograph or evade a conversation or conference or anything that could help Bowling.


After a slow start, Amleto in 1982, greatly surpassing any number of obstacles Amleto won public position in the history of the PBA. An Italian who grew up and lived in Venezuela won his first championship in Japan and practiced his profession in USA. He won his first title at the age of 26, Amleto became the great force of the tour for two decades as he the first foreigner in history to win the title of player of the year for two consecutive years, and the only non-American to be inducted into the PBA Hall of Fame. The youngest with 35 years to reach that prestigious merit. Monacelli is in 6th. place in the PBA ALL TIME LIST.


And if not enough Monacelli is in the record books for being the PBA Player of the Year for two consecutive years, accompanying Don Johnson, Mark Roth, Earl Anthony and Walter Ray Williams which are the only players who accomplish it. For two consecutive years won the High Average Award and High Points Leader and is one of the fourteen players in history to win a mínimum title in six seasons. Currently has nineteen titles, and the only major tournament he won was in 1989, The Touring Players Championship.


It was normal to see Amleto on television with 99 TV appearances and thousands of children who tried to copy his unique style and he is the inspiration of today's professionals to play.


The name Amleto walks and runs all the world´s bowling. He was named as the fourth greatest athlete in the 20th century of Venezuela. While his family are owners of Bowling in Barquisimeto, Venezuela where Amleto trains for his skills. Now with 50 years, Bowling fanatic audiences want to see the Amleto particular style competing and winning a few tournaments.


But if Amleto returns or not to the court, wins or not, Amleto has earned his place in the history of bowling and will always be remembered as the player who opened the doors to all foreigners who dream and wish to compete in professional Bowling PBA.


Amleto Today is part of the national team of Venezuela Bowling, where he already won eight medals which was credited gold at men's singles and at every event.