1. - Tip to handle anxiety during critical moments of competition:

Imagine you are in a defining moment for the championship. What you should do is focus on your breathing, listen to your breathing and inhale, hold the air inside you for 4 seconds, then breathing out, count 10 breaths to relax and take control of your mind.

You will have better control of the situation and you'll have the trophy in your hands.

2. - Tip for my friends and fellow fans of bowling:

You need to be conscious about how you grab the ball and how your thumb feels in it, you must take into account if your thumb is loose, if it is, tape it until it is tight enough (not too tight). If we do not do this, then we will feel that the ball can fall from our hands, and the result will be a very tense swing and inaccurate.

3. - Tip for high performance players:

You need to focus first on achieving a good execution of the throw, because this is essential to obtain a more precise analysis of the reaction of the track.

4. - Tip of the Day for middle and high performance players:

Remember to work on making a routine, it consist in repeating the same actions with each throw, for example sitting in the same chair, using perrubia, cloth, repeat how to grip the ball, etc ... untill be on the bowling alley.

5. - Tip for middle and high performance players:

To have a better concentration during competition, try to not be distracted talking with other competitors, this way you could think in the development of your game according to the reaction of the bowling alley to your throws, and make the necessary adjustments to improve your game.

6. - Tip for middle and high performance players:

For a better fluency in your Swing you must be aware of the pressure you apply when you grab the ball, remember not too tight!

7. - Tip for Beginners

Choose a ball where the thumb is a little loose, rather than tight.